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Lyraei, 2021

[ instrument ]

The Lyraei is an electromagnetic string instrument designed and created from 2019 to 2021. It is a hybrid instrument, merging the worlds of modular electronics and chordophones.

Its brain generates magnetic pulses that excite its strings, setting them into continuous oscillations. Their motions, amplified by a set of handmade pickups, transform into immersive, mesmerizing drones.

When playing, one can shape the magnetic pulses with precision, or allow the signals to flow into each other in unpredictable ways. These complexities in its circuitry are reflected in the textures of its sound, as the strings are constantly wavering between chaotic motion and natural resonance. These conflicts between its electronic and mechanical condition give it its signature timbre.

The Lyraei is a drone machine;
an instrument for vertical time.