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1 Dec NODE Festival, Modena (IT)
1 July Les Siestes Électroniques , Toulouse (FR)
11 May Beyond Music , Leuven (BE)
29 April Intonal Festival , Malmö (SE)
21 April Inneruu night @ Duitse Kerk , Den Haag (NL)
10 February Schiev Festival , Brussels (BE)

8-9 October Maintenant Festival , Rennes (FR)
28 May No Patent Pending #42 , Het Hem Amsterdam (NL)
22 May Palindrome by Eve , Oxford (UK)
21 May Portraits #2 by Veduta , Brussels (BE)
7-10 April ReWire Festival , Den Haag (NL)

A Three Fold [stretching density], The Grey Space in the middle, Den Haag
Intimate Open Studios, iii workspace, Den Haag

No Patent Pending #40, iii workspace, Den Haag The Netherlands

Lapsody Festival, Helsinki Finland
ADAF, Athens Greece

Stargaze, Kampia, Cyprus w/ Marietta Mavrokordatou
The Gathering, Drivedrive, Nicosia Cyprus

The Gathering Festival, Kampia Cyprus
Revlon professional event, Limassol Cyprus
Farma Festival, Kampia Cyprus
Honest Electronics 1 year anniversary, Nicosia Cyprus
Envelope Festival, Nicosia Cyprus

Live electronics, Coo, Thessaloniki Greece
Fasma Festival, Athens Greece
Live at Viotexnia, Thessaloniki Greece
Envelope Festival, Nicosia Cyprus

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